Agrocorp expands its sustainable footprint

10 Jul 2023

The Business Family Insights column profiles business families and how they approach issues of governance and stewardship. They support the SMU Business Families Institute's (BFI) mission to encourage business families to Think Generations, Think Growth, Think Giving and Think Global. Vishal Vijay, Director of Strategic Investments and second-generation executive of homegrown Agrocorp International, shared how the company plays a key role in enhancing the sustainability of food supply chains not just regionally but also globally. SMU Associate Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship (Education) and Academic Director of BFI Kenneth Goh said, “Next-gen leaders in family firms have an advantage in driving innovation. They have a long-term vision, and can leverage established business relationships, deep industry knowledge and existing operational capabilities to implement innovative ideas that will maintain their family’s legacy, while creating positive long-term impacts for their community.”

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