Academic Director’s Message

Greetings from BFI@SMU!

Business families are rooted in our communities through their impact on the economic, social, and cultural milieu through institutions that include Business and Investment firms, Family Offices, and Foundations.

In economies all over the world, business families play an important role in stabilizing the present-day turbulence through their grounding to the past, even as they inject entrepreneurial dynamism into societies to adapt to a sustainable long-term future.

The Business Families Institute aims to enhance the impact of business families in these varied aspects of society through research and education that draws on SMU’s strengths in business, technology, and the social sciences. At the same time, we also seek to build mutually beneficial collaborations between business families and SMU that will enhance the educational experiences and professional opportunities of our students, as well as thought leadership by our faculty.

We hope that you will join us in extending the positive impact of business families across Asia and the world.

Kenneth Goh
Associate Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship (Education)
Academic Director, Business Families Institute