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Since 2010, the Singapore Management University (SMU) had recognised the emergence of Asian business families and discerned that they require specifically contextualised thought leadership and applied knowledge. In response to the growing needs of business families in Asia, SMU established the Business Families Institute (BFI) in August 2012.

BFI@SMU collaborates with various partners, academic or practice, to be a leader in Asian business family-related knowledge. The Institute also encourages business families to Think Generations, Think Growth, Think Giving and Think Global. In doing so, BFI@SMU addresses business family-specific issues such as succession, family governance, entrepreneurship and wealth management. The mission of BFI@SMU is to enable business family members to be engaged and responsible stewards of their families, businesses and communities, through education, research and ecosystem support.


The great reset for businesses

02 Nov 2020

In a commentary, SMU alumnus Peh Zhengyang, who is the Managing Director of D’Elegance International Pte Ltd, discussed the key takeaways from “The Great Reset” programme which he had recently…

Looking out for the environment

06 Oct 2020

SMU’s Business Families Institute (BFI) was established in response to the growing needs of business families in Asia. This column profiles business families and how they approach issues of…

Digital transformation courses for Singapore SMEs for post-pandemic recovery

05 Oct 2020

In a live interview, SMU Vice President of Business Development, V3 Group Professor of Family Entrepreneurship and Professor of Finance (Practice) Annie Koh, shared how “The Great Reset” program is…