Having the last laugh with garbage

03 Oct 2022

The Business Family Insights column profiles business families and how they approach issues of governance and stewardship. They support the SMU Business Families Institute's mission to encourage business families to Think Generations, Think Growth, Think Giving and Think Global. Melissa Tan, general manager of homegrown Wah & Hua shared about the challenges she overcame and the milestones the company has achieved. SMU Assistant Professor of Strategic Management (Education) Kenneth Goh, Academic Director of BFI and V3 Group Fellow in Family Entrepreneurship said, “Talented and ambitious next-gen leaders of family businesses are ideally positioned to transform not just the company, but also the industry for greater societal impact. Next-gen leaders can combine the most innovative ideas with long-standing business relationships to champion values-led transformative efforts as a way of sustaining the family’s legacy.”

The Business Times Online