SMU faculty and DBA student win Best Paper at the Asia-Pacific Family Business Symposium 2021

13 Oct 2021

Organised by the University of Western Australia, this fourth instalment of the Asia-Pacific Family Business Symposium addressed what have been and what can be the innovations for family businesses in crises like the COVID-19 pandemic. As family businesses adapt and transform to meet emerging new challenges, the event provided both scholars and businesses with an opportunity to reflect on how family businesses can triumph through the “new normal”. On winning the Asia Pacific Family Business Symposium 2021 Naito Best Paper Award, SMU Associate Professor Tan Hwee Hoon said, “It is one of the first papers to examine the role of value fit between the successors and the various stakeholders. It is significant as values play a very big role in the Asian context and business families thrive because they can successfully build both families and business with timeless values such as respect, long-term sustainability. Data collection has not been the easiest during this COVID period and we are glad that this paper signals the start of focusing on culture and values. With the right values, many of the issues surrounding family businesses can be overcome.”

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