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Making money responsibly is no longer a choice

16 Aug 2019

Speaking on the sidelines of the inaugural V3 Group Professorship in Family Entrepreneurship Lecture on ‘Innovation in Singapore-based Family-owned Enterprises’, Professor Annie Koh, SMU Vice President for Business Development, V3 Group Professor of Family Entrepreneurship and Academic Director of SMU’s Business Families Institute (BFI@SMU) pointed out that many small and medium-sized firms still view environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices as part of philanthropy, even though it is becoming increasingly clear that sustainability needs to be part of the conversation, particularly as the next generation of business owners takes over. She emphasised the need for companies to focus on ESG standards if they want to tap the global supply chain and international customers.


The Edge Singapore (Aug 16)

The Edge Singapore (Aug 16)

Last updated on 20 Aug 2019 .