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Agrocorp expands its sustainable footprint

10 Jul 2023

The Business Family Insights column profiles business families and how they approach issues of governance and stewardship. They support the SMU Business Families Institute's (BFI) mission to…

Asian high-net-worth families show more urgency to start legacy planning after Covid-19 pandemic

18 Jun 2023

According to research carried out by the SMU Business Families Institute (BFI), Asia’s family-owned companies represent 80 per cent of Asia-Pacific businesses and contribute to 32 per cent of the…

The higher the net worth, the greater the responsibility, Foreign tycoons settled in Singapore show their love and integrate into society

03 Jun 2023

Commenting on high net-worth families that relocate to Singapore and the impact on Singaporeans, SMU Professor Emeritus of Finance (Practice) and Senior Advisor to the SMU Business Families Institute…